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Woman with eye wrinkles  Four Most Common Causes of Eye Wrinkles...

What's there to like about eye wrinkles? Nothing!

They make us look and feel older than we are and also make us spend our hard earned money on product after product. Who needs that?

But did you know you're probably encouraging your eye wrinkles to multiply or even get deeper? It's true! Check out the 4 most common mistakes people make that gives your eyes the dreaded crease. Start changing your habits today and stop your eye wrinkles in their tracks.

1.  Not Wearing Sunglasses

Do you were glasses? Think about getting prescription sunglasses. Don't wear sunglasses?

Because of decades of constant squinting, crow's feet and forehead wrinkles will form. If you don't wear sunglasses for whatever reason, you're encouraging wrinkles!

Look in the mirror and squint like the sun is in your eyes. See the lines that form? After a period of time they will become permanent lines.

2.  Rubbing Your Eyes

What do you do when you're tired? Chances are good you rub your eyes. It's instinct! It feels good to rub your eyes when you're tired or when they are feeling itchy, but it's a habit you must stop today if you want to avoid looking older than you really are.

The skin around your eyes is so thin that when you rub them it causes them to wrinkle back and forth. Consistently rubbing them will cause them to wrinkle faster than if you never started the bad habit in the first place.

This goes for removing your eye make-up as well. Don't remove roughly. Let the makeup dissolve a bit with a cotton swab filled with remover before you rub it off.

As for eye cream, apply your ring finger and gently tap in the cream, don't rub it in harshly.

3.  Sleeping on Your Belly

When you sleep on your belly, the side of your face resting on your pillow is squished for hours at a time. By constantly squishing your face each night, you are causing creasing which can eventually turn into wrinkles. (Notice sleep lines each morning?)

Try falling to sleep on your back. If you find it hard to stay that way, put a pillow under your knees, which will help you stay in place.

4.  Skipping SPF

The sun causes your skin to age; it's as simple as that. The skin around your eyes is so thin, aging happens sooner than other areas of your body.

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